It’s nice to have nice girlfriends. Tonight some friends and I went out to the mall, did some leisurely shopping and bought a few overpriced items. In Dallas we have a mall called Willow Bend. It’s a mystery that it is still open. It’s a very nice mall and yet I’ve never seen a crowd there. In fact its so far south of crowded that crowded is a dot on the horizon. That was sufficiently dramatic. I think the problem is, they don’t have a full sized Starbucks. It’s more of a kiosk in the middle of the mall. What were they thinking with that?? Anyway, I like to go there because it’s always empty but it is a bit of an anomaly how they remain in business. After shopping we went to dinner and laughed and talked. They say familiarity breeds contempt. I’ve often wondered if it’s familiarity or taking someone for granted that breeds the contempt. It’s good to have new friends and old friends, new friends that think you are wonderful and funny and old friends that are over it but still like you even though they know all your dirt. It’s also nice to have a comfy bed and warm husband to retreat to. I’m going to do that now I think. But for my friends – and you know who you are – I had a very nice evening. Thanks for being my Calgon and taking me away from it all.


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