A Case for Capes

Recently, as in five minutes ago, I was reading a friends blog. I’ll call her Nelmanie S., no that’s too obvious, I’ll call her N. Smith.

N. Smith was pondering a riveting question that had been posed to her this week. The question “What are you defending“. After much apparent turmoil she concluded that she should probably be defending the universe. This brings up a heated debate I’ve been having with myself for years now.

Where have all the capes gone? When did it become socially unacceptable to don the occasional cape? It is my belief that any mundane task would improve dramatically should cape wearing be reinstated in society immediately. For instance, imagine your morning routine. Dull? Now imagine it with a cape. Do you think people would cut in line at Starbucks if they saw that you were a cape wearer? I think not.

Who hasn’t daydreamed of swooping into a room, or swishing past someone – all possible with a cape. Not to mention the added benefit of having your initials embroidered in insanely large fonts right on your person. I assume this is to aid in identification when someone is viewing you from a great distance – which inevitably they would be if you were wearing a cape. Having a large “A” emblazoned on my cape would ensure that credit would be given where credit was due. I wouldn’t want my noble deeds credited to N.Smith for instance.

Capes are important. Their benefits cannot be trivialized. A cape symbolizes nobility, character, heroism, acts of kindness and charity. I know you are thinking – On the other hand a cape in the wrong hands could encourage someone already given to an alter ego. Well I didn’t say it was a flawless theory, instead you should think of it as a big social experiment.


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  1. Ambi

    Hmm, a cape…I don’t know about having a large A embroidered anywhere on my clothes, especially after watching “The Scarlet Letter”…;)~^~

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