Ode to My Dad

I couldn’t figure out what I like most about you, your wonderful poems or all the dad jokes so I decided to combine the two for this very special (drum role)
Ode to My Dad
(on Father’s Day)

It makes me glad to call you Dad…
A dad by any other name but “my Dad” would not smell as sweet…
Roses are red, violets are blue, you are my Dad and I love you…
It’s a good time, for the great taste of McDadders…
I love my Dad in the springtime, I love my Dad in the fall, I love my Dad in the summer when it sizzles and I love my dad in the winter when it drizzels. I love my Dad every moment, every moment of the year. I love my Dad, why oh why do I love my Dad? Because his love is near…
I Love you Daddy

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One response to “Ode to My Dad

  1. The Dad

    Hey Ape,Thank you for the “lyric poem usually marked by exaltation of feelingand style, varying length of line, and complexity of stanza forms” …uh, I mean “ode”.It was very sweet (not a guy word) and thoughtful. I have read andenjoyed it several times.And I love you too, bunches oodles and gobs!The Dad, Pipa, etc, etc

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