Inspiring Fall

What is it about fall that inspires me to live, to move, to change things? I love it! I love the cool weather and the bright colors – fall makes my heart sing. Today it was singing to me – “Go to Home Depot and buy paint for the front door”. My heart can be very bossy at times. So I loaded up my merry band and drove to the nearest Home Depot and managed to pick out two nearly indistinguishable colors of terra cotta for the front door. While I was there my heart also started singing to me about flowers and dirt to make the yard pretty for Thanksgiving. $114 later I told my heart to shut up and get in the car before the bank calls my husband. We drove home and I was so excited I started priming the front door in the dark. I put one color on the right side of the door and one color on the left. I was at first afraid that I had indeed purchased the exact same color in different brands but as it dried one was clearly hook ’em horns orange and the other the richer, deeper color for which I was hoping. It’s amazing how a $10 can of paint can change the entire look of your house. Not that you will ever get out of Home Depot for $10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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2 responses to “Inspiring Fall

  1. Mike's Drumbeats

    Hi April:Just checking your blog–glad you didn’t totally getting it up!I had 2 possible comments for you:1) “Freakin’ Poopy”: The new color choice for front doors (?–please forgive that)2) Fran once had me paint five strips of red on our wall to test the colors. Looked funny, and we eventually painted it a 6th color…Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!Mike

  2. Mike's Drumbeats

    Oh, I meant “give it up…” sorry.

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