Stuck at Home

It’s sleeting in Dallas. That’s what we get instead of snow. Balls of ice bouncing merrily off our roof and cars and turning our city which apparently has more over passes than any other metropolis in the nation (go figure) into a slip n’ slide. Unfortunately an elaborate string of events must transpire in exactly the right order to have an ACTUAL ice day. It must be below freezing for several days so the ground can cool, then it has to sleet and the temperature remain low so that the ice stays. If that happens and the stars are aligned just so – we get to stay home from work. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Plenty of ice, not cold enough to stick very long. So I’m pretending to be stuck at home for a few days. I’ve enforced my “no getting out of your pj’s” rule for the second day now. That’s a rule around our house. If you are sick or it snows you don’t have to get out of your pj’s. It’s one of the best rules of all time. Someone should write it into the first amendment. John has of course had to go to work on both days. He has been outside working in the sleet. Poor guy. I told him to call in sick but since we have our own business that doesn’t work too well for us. I feel nice and toasty though and have had lots of fun watching Malcolm in the Middle and playing with my girls and goofing around on the computer. Ahhhh snow – may we have much more of it this season.

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