New Years Resolutions

My husband started it with a cough and fever last Friday as in Friday the 23rd of February. He came home, parked himself on the couch and stayed there all weekend. Monday morning rolled around and off he went to work, came home and told me “I feel like crap” and went back on the couch. I got huffy. I am a very goal oriented person and last week we had a lot of deadlines. I generally try not to take time to be sick, I just ignore it until hopefully it goes away. This time was no different. Took John to the doctor who told him, you are exhausted, you’ve been burning the candle at both ends for way too long and you need to rest. GREAT! I’ve been cancelling appointments all week.

Something about the doctors words really broke my heart. John has been working way too hard for way too long. Why do we push ourselves to the limit? So we went home to rest. I chilled out and decided to let him rest and even to rest some with him. He took the week off which worked out well since the rest of us came down with the same rotten cold shortly thereafter. So this whole week has been spent laying on the couch, eating soup and drinking lots of water. We have gotten caught up on our Midsummer Murders that we recorded but never took time to watch. I love that show.

What has surprised me about this week the most is how many hours we have had. It must have been three times as long as a regular week. We have talked and laughed and coughed and choked together. It’s been really nice. A nice break from the normal break-neck speed we live life at. Who are all these people demanding all of our time so that we can’t even be a family? Why should I have to be sick to spend time with my husband? It’s SIN!! I’m resolving, and this is the first resolution of the year, to spend more time with my husband and girls. I’m resolving to ignore the phone more. I’m resolving to say “No” more. I’m resolving to rest when I need it and to let John rest when he needs it. God help me, Amen!!


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  1. theheartofmel

    It’s never too late to make NEW New Year’s resolutions! Love you my ever changing, oh so complex, friend!

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