New Playroom

I don’t mean to lie to my husband. In fact I have a strict moral and spiritual no-lie policy especially where my husband is concerned. Unfortunately my life motto “How hard can it be?” recently caused me to convince John that I thought we could remodel the girls playroom “in one weekend“! A can of paint, a few curtains and voila!!

Looking back, I’m not sure what surprises me more – that after almost 9 years of marriage John believed me AGAIN or that I convinced myself and honestly thought it was possible. Whatever the case, both of us fell for my persuasive arguments.

One horrible curtain mistake, a can of psychedelic green paint, 25 trips to Joann’s fabric, 27 trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s, one fall off the high ladder with can of pink paint in hand – then on head and body and shoes, one painted 2 year old daughter, one painted 4 year old daughter, 5 bad fabric choices, two green puppies and subsequently green paw prints leading down the hall, countless paint drops on the floor, a large barbecue fork through John’s foot (don’t ask), weeks of 3am bed times, a couple of ridiculous crying fits (and that was just John), and ONE MONTH LATER – we are finally done!!

I love the results. I love the painted tree on the wall where the handprints of our family and friends become the leaves with special messages written for us to treasure. I love the bright curtains with the oh so practicle sun-blocking backing. I love the zip line with little hooks to display artwork. The girls love the reading nook with little flower lights and comfy pillows where they can snuggle down with a good book. I love the giant peg board we made to hang all the dress up clothes on. But mostly, I love the memories that John and I will always share of giving our girls a special, beautiful place where their imaginations can flourish.

Was it worth it? I say “YES” but you should probably wait awhile before you ask John!!


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  1. Chris

    What a beautiful room! I’m sure your girls are tickled to death over your hard work!Found your blog by hitting “next blog” a few times. I’m a mom of two boys, trying to raise them (with my hubby)in Jesus’ footsteps too. Thanks for the peek into your world.

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