My sweet grandfather just turned 90. Today his 5 sons and a bunch of grandchildren and 4 great grand children gathered around to love him and celebrate his life and legacy.  Amazing to think how the world has changed just since I was a kid, imagine looking back over 90 years.  What a gift.

Speaking of gifts, I remember every Christmas Nana and Dee were the best gift givers.  They always had something creative and wonderful and unexpected.  One year we arrived to find home-made wooden stilts for each of the grand-children.  We had never heard of anything so wonderful. We raced all over the yard.  To this day I think of that as one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.  I wish I still had mine.

Today, we were all given a gift – the story of Dee’s.  For the past 4 or more years he has been carefully documenting the story of his life and my uncle Brad helped him compile it into a book.  Today Dee gave it to everyone as a gift.  I can’t wait to read it!  What a treasure.

Happy Birthday Dee.  You are loved.

Jere and Kent

The Great-Grand-Kids

Ashley and Chris


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  1. Brad

    Very nice April

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