Extreme Laundry

So this is what I did yesterday.  I like to wait until my laundry reaches the level of extreme sport, that way I get the benefit of an adrenaline rush.  I’d like to say it’s all done, folded, hung, ironed put away but then I’d be lying and we all know that everything you read on the internet is true.

The pile you see above is mostly put away, but another pile lurks in my husbands closet.  If I can talk him into it, I’ll post a picture of his closet, but don’t hold your breath.  In our house his closet is known as “The Pit of Despair”, the place of no return.

Laundry and paperwork have been the thorns in my side since I moved out on my own.  With baby number 3 on the way, I would pay a lot of money for a really good laundry and paperwork system.  Any ideas out there? Please post it in a comment and you will be  my new best friend.  No offense to my current best friend but her laundry is no better than mine.

Baby number 3 means right now I’m on a mission to get control of my house.  This past year the clutter has become downright scary.  I’d love an HGTV intervention. Particularly I’d like Peter Walsh from Clean Sweep.  I don’t think that show is around anymore but if anyone knows him or has a hookup I really need to cry on his shoulder.  I’ve always known if could just cry on his shoulder for a few minutes everything would be better.

Peter Walsh - the guy with shoulders you can cry on.

Until Peter gets here I’m going to start over with the flylady system.  In the past I’ve had great success on her system which focuses on a combination of de-cluttering and building a routine of new and improved habits.  When I was “flying” with the Flylady, my kitchen sink used to be shiny and my bed made every day.  Right now I can’t find my sink and as you can see our new bedspread is laundry.   So, I’m starting over.  I’ve re-joined the mailing list and will keep you posted on my progress.

WARNING – you may see pictures of closets and drawers.  I don’t want you to be scared, just fore-warned that the images may be shocking and controversial.  Perhaps sit down and take a few deep breaths before you open the site.



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2 responses to “Extreme Laundry

  1. April – you don’t have to wait till I come to you home to get that laundry under control! Here’s a couple of tips:
    1. Don’t wait till it’s an ‘extreme sport’. Consider doing the laundry a little more frequently (you know what i mean, before it’s touching the ceiling!)
    2. Rethink what ‘doing the laundry’ means. By this I mean don’t dump the ‘put away’ stuff on your bed – that just makes another problem. When the buzzer on the dryer goes off, go to the dryer and fold items as you remove them from the dryer. They’re easier to fold then and aren’t as creased (check out the creases on the clothes in your pic to see what I mean!). Then place the folded clothes into the clothes basket and put away immediately. If you do this (I call this idea ‘finishing the cycle’) you’ll start to think of doing the laundry as a cycle from wash to put-away. Skip the ‘throw the clean stuff on the bed for later’ bit of the process and your laundry hassles will immediately diminish. Sorry I can’t make a house call but I hope this helps.

    • Peter!

      I can’t believe you found me. Thank you for taking the time to listen and respond. You’re a great listener, I’ve always admired that quality in you.

      I love your laundry advice, it’s so simple it makes me ask “Why didn’t I think of that?” We are implementing immediately.

      I’ve missed seeing you on Clean Sweep. I didn’t realize you had written several books http://www.peterwalshdesign.com/books.php. I can’t wait to read them.

      Blessings on you and your business. I hope you never lose the heart to listen to people and the great amount of respect with which you treat others. It’s truly what sets you apart.

      Your fan and friend in Dallas,

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