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$100 Cheeseball

Italian Cheeseball

Years ago some friends and I were going on a cruise.  On our way to the coast, we stayed the night at one of the girls aunts  home.  This woman’s generous hospitality caused her to order a gigantic cheeseball from her caterer for us to enjoy.  When I say gigantic, I’m not kidding, it was the size of a mixing bowl.

The 4 of us, together in the room with the cheeseball lost all sense of time and space.  It was as if we were alone in the universe with this cheeseball.  After some time had passed we became slightly self conscious of our  feeding frenzy.  Due to social etiquette only, we stopped eating  having already consumed half of our beloved ball of wonder.

We asked the aunt for the recipe and were politely declined.  She said it cost $100 and the caterer would not part with the recipe.

I’ve spent several years trying to perfect my version of the recipe.  This is where I am so far.  I actually like it better than the one we had.  It is still pretty expensive to make and I recommend doubling it.  In fact you may consider tripling it so you can hoard one cheeseball for yourself and then serve the rest to company.  It is very beautiful and makes an impressive display.  Here is the recipe.  If anyone discovers something to improve it please let me know.  Enjoy!!!

Cheeseball with Pesto and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Ingredients - I splurged, but you can use less expensive ingredients.


32 oz cream cheese softened

8 ounces of goat cheese softened

2-3 Tablespoon Italian Seasoning

2 clove of garlic crushed

About 4 ounces of prepared basil pesto

About 4 ounces of prepared sun dried tomato pesto

½ Cup of sun dried tomatoes chopped in processor.

¼ cup toasted pine nuts (toast them on the stove or in the oven if you can’t buy them toasted)

1 sprig of fresh basil


Roast Pine Nuts on stove with a little olive oil.


Roast Pine Nuts in a little olive oil.

Cream together: cream cheese, goat cheese, Italian seasoning and garlic.

In a separate dish mix chopped sun dried tomatoes with tomato pesto.

Cover the inside of a bowl or pot with a cheese cloth.


Cover inside of bowl with cheese cloth.

Layer in this order on top of cheese cloth:

  • cream cheese mixture,
  • basil pesto,
  • cream cheese mixture
  • sun dried tomato mix
  • End with cream cheese mixture

Layer cheese with pesto.

Fold excess cheesecloth over the top, press firmly and chill for at least 2 hours or over night.  Invert cheese ball onto serving dish and remove cheesecloth.  Garnish with pine nuts and basil. Serve with fancy crackers.


Your family will try to STEAL  and eat your cheeseball before it’s ready.  BE ON THE LOOKOUT!

Hannah Faye STEALING Cheeseball!




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Perseus and Medusa

When I was a kid my dad loved the movie Clash of the Titans.  I remember watching it and being completely horrified and utterly intrigued.  That was about the extent of my exposure to Greek Mythology growing up.  My daughter, Savannah’s 2nd grade class is studying Greek Mythology and next week we are having a big Greek Festival complete with Olympic games, Greek food and Artisan exhibits.  As the room mother, I’m in charge of planning.  I thought it would be hilarious to recreate one of the famous scenes from Clash of the Titans.  The scene where Harry Hamlin who plays Perseus, holds up Medusa’s head.

I made this face-board for the kids. Hope these parents have a good sense of humor cause I can’t stop laughing.


Perseus and Medusa


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Summer Organizing

At Costco yesterday, I was enticed into purchasing the newest copy of Real Simple Magazine. With a cover article entitled “Easy organizing – 99 affordable ideas” who could resist? I was hopeful to motivate myself to do the all important and extremely necessary spring cleaning I’ve been putting off, so I excitedly cracked it open and began to page through it. After a few bunny trails down Jennifer Garner’s make up recommendations and the perfect menu for a garden party I finally found the article I was looking for. Low Cost Organizing! Here is a sample of the “helpful” tips I read…

1 – “Repurpose colorful ribbons from gifts to tie around bed sheet sets so that they don’t stray.”

  • Are they serious? I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, a husband and a business to run. I don’t need to decorate my linen closet – I need a bigger linen closet with a lock so that I can shove more stuff in it without worrying that it spring out and assault my family and any friends that come over.

2 – “Repurpose ice cube trays in your desk drawer as organizers.”

  • Can I repurpose the ice trays to gag myself with instead? How many times in my life do I have to read this stupid idea? Who are these people with thousands of tiny things rolling around in their desks? Paperclips, pushpins, I’m out!! Where can I buy giant ice trays to organize the kids and the dogs in a drawer? KIDDING!!!

3 – “A wine rack might store magazines and news papers.”

  • What?

4 – “Stash a flashlight in your lingerie drawer and it will be easy to tell the black tights from the navy ones.”

  • If I’m digging through my drawers for a pair of tights in the pitch black of night – color coordination may not be my biggest problem.

5 – “Ensure that your favorite purses remain free of dust and within easy reach by arranging them in a 10 compartment polyester hanging handbag organizer.”

  • Finally! This is great advice! I plan to use it to convince my husband that I really do need to buy 9 more purses.

OK – seriously I know we can do better than this. I really am ready for a little spring cleaning. I’d love to hear some practical BUSY MOM organizing ideas that are tested and actually work for all you pros.


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