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Why do leaves change colors?

Leaves have lots of colors in them but all you see is green because they have so much green Chlorophyll.  In the winter when the leaves start to die, the Chlorophyll goes away and you can see the other colors that were always in the leaves.  These colors are called pigments.

To show you what I mean, we did a little experiment.  My dad and sister and I went out and collected 3 different types of leaves.

We put them into 3 different glass bowls.

We tore them up into tiny pieces.

Mom poured alcohol over the leaves.

Then we put all 3 bowls into a large pan and filled it with hot water.  This cooks it with energy from the alcohol and the hot water.

We covered them up and let them sit for 30 minutes.  We timed it on the microwave timer.

After 30 minutes, my mom put strips of coffee filters in them and we let them sit for over an hour.

The coffee filter paper absorbed all the mixed up color pigment and separated them.  This is called chromatography. (Crome-a-tog-ra-fy)

You can see that all sorts of yellows, greens, reds and browns were in the leaves all the time, you just couldn’t see them because of the green Chlorophyl.



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State Fair of Crazies

You always know it’s fall in Big D when the Texas Star starts spinning and you can smell the Fletcher’s corny dogs.  My family loves going to the State Fair of Texas.  John loves all things food and fried.  The girls want to ride rides and see the animals.  I go for an entirely different reason…

People Watching

If you love to people watch, the State Fair of Texas is your ticket to paradise.  All the “crazies” flock to it.

This year I decided to host my very own “People of The State Fair of Texas” award competition.  Of course, we aren’t going to talk about the fact that the entire competition was up in my head and I was the only one enjoying it. What we are going to talk about are all the CRAZIES that come out to the fair in droves.  And when I say crazies, of course I realize that these people may be perfectly normal and nice, they just save their best outfits EVER for fair day.

Contestant #1

Is it Prince? Is it the reincarnated Michael Jackson? Maybe it’s Diana Ross. Whomever you are, way to rock the socks and sandals buddy.

Contestant #2

Never mind her colorful bosoms, this woman takes her lizard with her everywhere she goes.  This is not an exhibit.  This lady, with her equally exotic husband whom I couldn’t get a picture of, literally brought her pet lizard to spend the day at the fair.

Contestant #3

Excuse me sir, Richard Simmons called and he wants his shorts back.

Contestant #4

In an effort to show off her thigh tattoo has decided just to wear a shirt to the fair.  I think the funniest part of this picture is my little cousin pleading with me to take a picture of thigh tattoo lady.

Contestant #5

This is a choose your favorite ending outfit.  In my story he jumps up and dances with the Lake Highland Wildcat Wranglers.  A friend also suggested that he may be a bouncer in the evenings.

Contestant #6


Excuse me ma’am but I can’t stop staring at your delicious looking drum stick.


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