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On Boogers

One of the best things about parenting are the fascinating conversations.  This is not sarcasm.  Nothing is Taboo with kids.  When you don’t bare the weight of social propriety, life is your conversational oyster.

Last night I had a lengthy conversation about boogers.  More specifically about one booger.  We were driving home from a pleasant evening with family.  It was late.  It was quiet.  I thought the kids had fallen asleep in the back seat when suddenly a little voice,

“Will you turn the light on?”

“Why Savannah”?

“I need to see if I got it. Yep!  Where shall I put it?”

“Put what Savannah?”

“My booger. Can I just throw it on the floor?”

“No!” (frantic search for a Kleenex begins)

“Can’t I just wipe it on my jeans?”

“NO!”  (John and I start looking around for the candid camera crew. Are we really having this conversation?)

“It’s just a small one.”

“That is not the point Savannah.  That is NEVER the point.” (I find a yellow, sticky note.) “Here Savannah.  All I can find is this sticky note.”

“Fine.” (She inserts booger into sticky note.) “Here Mom.”

“I don’t want it!”

(She’s shocked.) “What??? What am I supposed to do with it?”

“You’re supposed to hold it until we get home.”

“Can’t I just hang it on the baby’s car seat?”

Like I said – nothing is off limits, and even though I would have sworn under oath that we’d done everything possible to instill our traditional family values which are “boogers are very gross”,  we spent our entire drive home talking about the proper disposal protocol for boogers.  You just don’t get that as an adult unless you are blessed to have children.



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Why do leaves change colors?

Leaves have lots of colors in them but all you see is green because they have so much green Chlorophyll.  In the winter when the leaves start to die, the Chlorophyll goes away and you can see the other colors that were always in the leaves.  These colors are called pigments.

To show you what I mean, we did a little experiment.  My dad and sister and I went out and collected 3 different types of leaves.

We put them into 3 different glass bowls.

We tore them up into tiny pieces.

Mom poured alcohol over the leaves.

Then we put all 3 bowls into a large pan and filled it with hot water.  This cooks it with energy from the alcohol and the hot water.

We covered them up and let them sit for 30 minutes.  We timed it on the microwave timer.

After 30 minutes, my mom put strips of coffee filters in them and we let them sit for over an hour.

The coffee filter paper absorbed all the mixed up color pigment and separated them.  This is called chromatography. (Crome-a-tog-ra-fy)

You can see that all sorts of yellows, greens, reds and browns were in the leaves all the time, you just couldn’t see them because of the green Chlorophyl.


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Perseus and Medusa

When I was a kid my dad loved the movie Clash of the Titans.  I remember watching it and being completely horrified and utterly intrigued.  That was about the extent of my exposure to Greek Mythology growing up.  My daughter, Savannah’s 2nd grade class is studying Greek Mythology and next week we are having a big Greek Festival complete with Olympic games, Greek food and Artisan exhibits.  As the room mother, I’m in charge of planning.  I thought it would be hilarious to recreate one of the famous scenes from Clash of the Titans.  The scene where Harry Hamlin who plays Perseus, holds up Medusa’s head.

I made this face-board for the kids. Hope these parents have a good sense of humor cause I can’t stop laughing.


Perseus and Medusa


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